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Kaleidoscope Oh, such a wonderful, colorful, and continuously changing universe of kaleidoscopes! In our Museum of Illusions, the jolly patterns are created solely by our visitors instead of colorful papers and pearls. Go and kaleidoscope away! BACK TO EXHIBITS… Read More

Hollow Face Illusion

Hollow Face Illusion The need to recognize faces is so deeply rooted in us that we will find one in just about any hollow space we see. BACK TO EXHIBITS… Read More

Rubin’s Vase

Rubin’s Vase You can keep flowers in this vase if you like, but that would be a real shame as its full potential can only be realized in the Museum of Illusions. Spin it and discover how many faces it hides. BACK TO EXHIBITS… Read More

Head on the Plate

Head on the Plate Have you always wanted somebody’s head served on a tray? Well it’s time your wish came true. Experience the illusion of a hidden body. No worries, nobody involved will be hurt. Everybody will have fun! BACK TO EXHIBITS… Read More

Smart Shop

Smart Shop Are you ready for an adventure? All of our illusions are worth remembering, but some visitors want to keep those memories with them. Not to mention, there are those whose enthusiasm never wanes. For continual excitement, souvenirs can be bought in our gift shop, so you’ll always remember… Read More

Smart playroom

Smart playroom Games which will break your brain but simultaneously make you smarter Exploring the Museum of Illusions in New York will delight your little grey cells. That’s why the Museum has a clever playroom where visitors of all ages can play, compete, and learn. The playroom stimulates learning and… Read More