Employee Spotlight: Melissa Cholewa

Our employees are the heartbeat of the Museum of Illusions NYC. They greet our guests, handle everything behind the scenes, and make the magic of our illusions come to life. That’s why we are highlighting one of our employees each month in our employee spotlight series. We love our staff, and we know you’ll love them too.

First up is Melissa Cholewa, our Assistant Operation Director.

One of our staff members, Melissa, standing in one of our exhibits at the Museum of Illusions New York.

Where are you from?

Long Island, NY

What is your role at the Museum of Illusions NYC?

My current role at the museum involves organizing paperwork and invoices, answering emails, and brainstorming ideas with fellow team members to keep our museum at peak performance. Still, as is the case for a lot of the positions here, you often end up acting as a sort of Jack of All Trades. I also help out at check-in, answer phone calls, assist guests, offer exhibit explanations, and take pictures for visitors. It’s a role with a lot of variety where things never grow dull.

One of our employees at the Museum of Illusions New York. A brunette girl with glasses standing against a white wall with a

What is the best part about working at the Museum of Illusions NYC?

I’d say the best part about working here is the positive atmosphere we’ve cultivated. My fellow staff members have always been really easy to get along with, and it keeps the work environment pleasant and fun.

What is your favorite illusion in the museum?

My favorite exhibit would definitely have to be the Moving Picture Illusion. It’s a blue three-dimensional painting right next to our Infinity Room and while it’s sometimes overlooked in favor of our more interactive exhibits, the people who figure out the illusion are instantly charmed. Essentially, parts of an image of hallways and doors bulge out from a wall. While unfocusing your eyes, your brain misinterprets this information as space going inward and moving as you move. It took me a while to finally see it, but now that I have, the trippy 3D effect is something I’ll never really forget. I love watching the looks on visitor’s faces when the illusion finally clicks. It’s hard to see, but worth it when you do!

Are there any illusions that still stump you?

To this day, I find that I still have a lot of trouble seeing our Stereogram illusions. These are images with hidden pictures inside. In order to see them, you need to bring your face very close to the glass, unfocus your eyes, and slowly back away. I’ve managed to spot most of them at least once, but it’s very touch-and-go.

What is your perfect day off in New York City?

My perfect day off in New York City would be sitting down with a good book on a warm summer day in the park.

Now that you know Melissa, why not stop by the Museum of Illusions New York and see if you can spot her in action? Click here to book your visit– we can’t wait to meet you!