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The Educational Aspect

The Educational Aspect Above all, we aim to educate and intrigue. Our family friendly, all-inclusive experience can offer something new to learn in almost any subject. Those interested in psychology will want to take a look at our Hollow Face illusion. Our minds feed us information based on experience and… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions What should I Bring? You will need your ticket for entrance, A student/essential worker ID for verification if you purchased a Student/Essential Worker Ticket. I bought a student ticket but don’t have a physical ID, is that ok? No ID? No problem! As long as… Read More

Birthday parties

Birthday parties to remember! If you want to give your child a birthday to remember, the Museum of Illusions is the right place to go. The Museum of Illusions offers attractive and amusing deceptions through a unique visual, sensory, and educational experience for your child and all your guests. We… Read More


Plan your events! Do you have the responsibility of organizing events in your company? Have you already tried all the possible options and nothing’s caught your attention? We certainly will! We are able to offer you event planning that will completely satisfy the needs of the organizers and all the… Read More

Guided Tours & V.I.P.

Guided Tours & V.I.P. VIP Bookings Come and explore the world of illusions in a V.I.P. private viewing of our entire museum! V.I.P. viewing price? Price available upon request. When? Based on availability, we will organize the V.I.P. private viewing for you and your companion! How long does… Read More

Photo Illusions

Photo Illusions These images are hiding something, but what could it be? Nothing is what it seems at the Museum of Illusions. Not even the pictures! Rest assured that your photos will be filled with exciting backgrounds. Come and explore! BACK TO EXHIBITS… Read More